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A Conversation Between Dr. Matthews and Dr. Hansen

Dr. Hansen and Dr. Matthews were recently discussing different cases they have worked on over the years. The following question arose: What cases stand out in your mind? Both doctors had the same response - the one they just treated.  

It is the construction worker who came in with crippling low back pain and could hardly walk when she walked in the door, yet was able to walk out.  It is the office manager who came in with a migraine and walked out without one.  It is the baby who was up all night with colic and now sleeps peacefully.  It is the athlete who, according to the medical community, suffered a career ending injury, visited us, and went on to win the national title.  

It is the surgeon who had neck pain, hand pain and could not hold a scalpel and is now pain free and able to function with no problem.  It is the child that suffered from chronic ear infections who dealt with tubes and antibiotics for years, decided to visit us, and to this day, has never had an ear infection again.  It is the pregnant woman who could not take any medication for her lower back pain, and after visiting us regularly was able to find relief until she had the baby.  

It is the hair dresser who was told to find another career because her lower back would not get better, yet now she is still able to enjoy the job she loves most every day.  It is the financial planner who had such bad migraines she could not read the computer screen walking out of our office without a headache.

We as chiropractors see amazing things every day and to pick one special instance or case is difficult.  If you have ever thought about seeing a chiropractor for a problem, don’t hesitate to call to schedule an exam and consultation.  

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