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What Makes Matthews & Hansen Chiropractic Stand Out

Dr. Matthews and Dr. Hansen are both highly skilled in the art of adjusting.  They use different types of adjusting depending on the patient and their specific condition.   For the most part they use what is called a diversified osseous adjusting technique.  Some may consider this an old school or "classic" type of adjusting.  Other types of techniques they use are the activator and drop table techniques that are integrated into what they do.  

Some people have never been adjusted.  A brief understanding of what this means is as follows: Imagine your body like that of the Tin Man in "The Wizard of Oz".  Remember when he was all frozen up and Dorothy used the oil can to get him moving again while helping him move the joints of his body?  Well, that is similar to what Dr. Matthews and Dr. Hansen do.  They get the joints of the spine moving correctly so the body can function properly.  It sounds simple right?  Well, the theory is simple, but it takes years to develop the skill to know what to move and how to move it depending on the condition being treated.  

Do not let someone who is not skilled treat you.  You would not let your tax accountant do construction on your home, would you?  Call your chiropractor today.  Don't have one?  We are always open for new faces!



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